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Get in touch with our team of experts

A Not-For-Profit Organisation or Charity can avail certain tax reliefs. However, for your
organisation to enjoy the benefits, your organisation or charity should be recognised by the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs).
Charitable and Not-For-Profit organisations are not required to pay tax on most types of
income provided that they’re using the money they’ve earned or collected for charitable purposes. Your organisation can also claim back tax that HMRC has deducted on the donations.

Accounting For Charities And Not-For-Profit Organisations

The main concern of a not-for-profit organisation or charity such as yours would most likely be your funding concerns. You need to constantly demonstrate that your transparent, sustainable, accountable, and most of all responsible.

Here at City Heights Accounting Services, we acknowledge these challenges. Our experts have devoted time and effort in developing strategies to find solutions to all your financial concerns.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer tailor-made services that will meet the needs of charitable or not-for-profit organisations. Our experts have been assisting charities and not-
for-profit organisation to succeed in their noble causes whilst at the same time minimising their financial risks and complying with the relevant regulations.
Here at City Heights Accounting Services, we’ll aid you in figuring out how to pay tax if you have:
● Accumulated income that HMRC does not acknowledge as tax relief
● Spent your income for non-charitable purposes

If your charity or not-for-profit organisation needs support or advice, contact one of our
experts here at City Heights Accounting Services.

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