Payroll & Pensions

At City Heights Accounting Services, we specialise in providing payroll solutions to organisations of all types and sizes. We have a dedicated payroll and pensions department. Our team of qualified and experienced payroll administrators will ensure your organisation’s payroll is processed accurately and in a timely manner.


Customised Payroll Solutions – Our team of qualified and experienced payroll experts will provide tailor-made payroll solutions to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.


Outsource to the experts and enjoy peace of mind – Save valuable time, resources and costs by outsourcing your payroll to our dedicated team of experts – we focus on your payroll whilst you focus on the growth of your organisation.


Quality processes – Our payroll system has been developed based on many years of experience – we ensure that your organisation’s payroll is processed according to our quality protocols, ensuring data validation, and timely submissions to the various regulatory bodies, including HMRC, pension providers and The Pensions Regulator.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Advisors – We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced payroll advisors ready to provide your organisation with support and advice.


We also specialise in payroll and pensions administration for NHS Practices and PCNs across the United Kingdom.
Our NHS payroll and pensions administration service includes the following:
  • Experienced and dedicated support and advice.
  • Scheduling each payroll run according to Practice / PCN pay date.
  • Multi-frequency processing (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
  • Management Reports.
  • Departmental / Practice Analysis.
  • Processing your weekly/monthly and annual submissions to HMRC.
  • Providing staff member with their end of your P60’s.
  • The option of having your employee payslips emailed directly to them.
  • Auto-Enrolment – we assess all staff at your practice prior to processing your payroll and ensure that your practice is compliant with the Pensions Regulator.
  • Provide practice / staff members relevant communication / guidance materials.
  • Processing the re-enrolment / re-declaration of compliance on behalf of Practice / PCN with the Pensions Regulator.
  • Liaising directly with HMRC on behalf of Practice / PCN in regards to PAYE enquiries and updates.
  • NHS Pension Administration;
  • Processing monthly pension submissions
  • Processing new joiners / leavers
  • Processing staff member multiple posts
  • Processing staff member annual pension updates
  • Processing staff member terminations
  • Processing staff member retirements
In contrast to most payroll providers, we have a N3 secure NHS network for the filing of monthly / annual pension submissions directly to NHS Pensions Online.


Please contact our Payroll and Pensions department for further information or to book a free consultation.